About Me: Going Solo

Welcome to my solo experience……!

I’m a teacher, a mother, and a Walking Dead fanatic. For the past year I have been writing analysis of themes, motifs, symbolism, etc in the TV show The Walking Dead on a popular fan site. My posts were so popular that they have been picked up by third parties and I was made a moderator of the site. However, my tenure as mod has ended (long story for another time) and I have decided to break out on my own. My hope is my following will follow me over here so I can continue using my powers of literary analysis on my favorite TV show.

But there’s more to me than just a Dixon lover. I’m also the mother of two children, a talented outgoing intelligent little girl, and a boy who has been dealt an unfair hand. At two years old, we discovered his hearing had been greatly compromised and he was suffering from untreated ear infections, a condition known as glue ear. We have no clue how long he had this condition, but the result was a delay in speech, motor planning, development, and socialization. He had to be “retaught” everything and he developed sensory integration processing disorder as a result. His condition is similar to someone who suffered a stroke – the affected parts of the brain shut down due to the sensory deprivation, and now has to be “restarted.” He’s been in therapy 18 months and has made great improvements, but has far to go.

I’m also a high school English teacher, navigating the world of standardized testing mandates, Common Core, teacher evaluation, state requirements, and inaccurate public perceptions.

This blog will cover my thoughts and experiences in education, my struggles in helping my son overcome his challenges as he recovers, my life with my family, and, of course, my analysis of TWD, I’ll also public my photography, which has become one of my major creative outlets.

I hope you will join me as my thoughts become blogged.


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