A Date with Lucille: My Predictions for the Finale

For years now, the question “Who does Negan kill in the TV series?” has been on the lip of every Walking Dead. We all know the unfortunate victim of the bat is Glenn in the comic series, and there seemed to be plenty of foreshadowing to indicate that the TV series would follow suit. However, Glenn’s recent dumpster crawl now makes it highly unlikely that he’ll have a date with Lucille just 8 episodes after he was presumed dead. Now the question heats up yet again.

So who does get to meet Lucille head on? I’m going to take a gander at this. Now, I do have some spoiler information that can help me eliminate certain characters but other than that my guess is as good as anyone else’s:

Here it goes:

50% Abraham – I think they’ve been gearing up to this all season with his PTSD, his dumping of Rosita (which happens in the comic prior to his death), and his questioning the meaning of life, birth, and relations in a post apocalyptic world. Hooking up with Sasha is a bad sign (relationships – death) and his comic book death being given to another character (Denise) sure makes him open to die by Negan’s hand.

40% Michonne – Wait, her???? One of the top three characters on the show? How could I? Sadly, I could. First of all, she has hooked up with Rick. While hook ups are never good in this series, the fact that she and Rick do not have a relationship in the comic gives me pause to wonder….why? Why hook them up now? They sure look happy…that’s never a good thing. And notice the apple reference while they were in bed? Adam and Eve and the fall of paradise anyone?

But there’s more. Danai Gurira is a playwriter, yes a playwriter, who has written three off-Broadway dramas. One of them, Eclipsed, just opened on Broadway a few weeks ago. In fact she has been traveling the talk show circuit promoting it. Is it possible she asked to be released from her role to purse a career as a Tony nominated playwriter?

5% Glenn – I’ll give him this much only because it would so obvious and so expected if it happened that maybe it actually will. Steven Yuen’s recent movie signing makes my odds jump from 0% to 5%, but Reedus has proven that you can do film, TV pilots, and the show I(both Maggie and Negan are also in movie together, Dawn of Justice). Personally, I don’t see how you almost kill him half a season earlier and then kill him off in this fashion. That fact people are waiting for it is making me believe it won’t happen.

5% Other – the other is vague, I know, but I have to throw it in there. Here’s who it WON’T be:

  • Maggie – she’s on her way to her comic book character’s fate, the leader of the Hilltop. That’s pretty clear.
  • Morgan and Carol – they were filming at a different location than the Negan scene
  • Daryl – his body double mistakenly tweeted he had signed on for season 7 to be Daryl again, then took it down quickly, presumably after producers saw it. Besides, Daryl has a purpose now – kill or redeem Dwight. He can’t die at Negan’s hand if he hasn’t achieve either of those goals.
  • Rick – that’s pretty obvious
  • Tara and Heath – they are on a 3 week run so Alana Masterson could be on maternity leave; they weren’t even on set

Who does that leave? Aaron, Sasha, Eugene, & Carl. All of them were seen on location during the midnight closed set shoot. (Sasha is questionable. There are conflicting reports. Rosita also is questionable as she was not reported to be seen on set at all that day.) Out of these four, who might the “other” be? Eugene is the only one who makes sense to me, but that is clearly a long shot.

Unfortunately, the question won’t be answered until October (the finale is said to be leaving audiences with a cliffhanger regarding who Negan choses), but most set stalkers will figure out the victim’s name by his or her lack of presence on location in May. Until then, it’s anybody’s guess……






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