In Defense of Literature

One day,

I fell in love.

An affair that has lasted

My eternity.

I fell in love

With literature.

I fell in love with Hawthrone

With Twain

With Austen

And Shakespeare.

With Dickens, Alcott, Frost

Dickenson, Emerson and Thoreau

Wharton, Hughes, Whitman, Harper

And many more…..

Silas Marner and Ethan Frome

Moby Dick and Hester Prynne

Darcy and Dimmesdale

MacBeth and Prospero

I entered a brave new world of literature

Of which I still remain.

As Bach and Beethoven

Compose a symphony

With carefully aligned notes

And a dancer

Becomes art in motion

With a combination of music, choreography, form, and expression

Or Monet and Renior

Chose their colors

Their shadows

Their perspective

And frame it on canvas

So does a poet

Chose his words

To create beauty on the written page.

Imagery and theme




A character

A conflict

A scene

That transcends time.

Gatsby and his green light

Atticus’ closing argument

Ahab’s obsession

Emerson’s advice to trust thyself

And poet’s plead to the virgins

They call us to “carpe diem”

Or carry us away to Neverland or Camelot.

They are the stuff that dreams are made of.

My loves –

They die out.

Are attacked

And called vile words like


And “complex”

Too “removed” from the experiences of today.

And irrelevant in a world of ipads, kindles, and audible


As students sharpen their #2 pencils

To regurgitate back what politicians proclaim

Is vital for them to know

And do

And decide the pursuits

They should pursue.

And medicine, law, business, engineering,

these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life.

But poetry,




these are what we stay alive for.

Said Keating.

And so I live

In defense of my loves

The art

The beauty

The soul

Of the written word.


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