Teaching the Dead: Random Thoughts Going Into the Season 5 Finale

Guess you can’t consider this a “lesson,” just some musings about the season, particularly the second half, of season 5 as we all buckle up and get ready for the finale.

1. Is there anyone else who thinks Deanna is actually Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager? Seriously……

5x12_Deanna Janeway_Season7

OK, maybe she aged a bit, but they look similar, don’t they? In addition, I see similarities in their leadership styles: maternal yet strong. Both wanting to integrate people from different backgrounds, both putting outsiders in leadership roles, both questioning their own decisions, and both striving to make a community where there is none. Maybe Janeway slingshot herself into an alternate universe where Earth was unable to eradicate all disease and a zombie plague did take over?

2. Rick = Shane 2.0

Yep, now Rick is the one who looks cray-cray. The difference is, now that we the audience has seen all that can happen “out there” we get it better than we might have when Shane went “full Shane.” Lusting after another man’s wife? Check. Want the husband dead? Check. Threatening to kill the living? Check. Screaming about you have to “fight to live?” Double check (check out Shan’s speech before the barn massacre for eerie similarities).

3. Tara’s still unconscious, and I didn’t even notice. I’m not getting Tara as a character anymore. She should have “red shirt” written on her.

4. For those who think the show is “pandering to fans” by forcing Daryl into the spot light, STOP! – Short of scouting with Aaron, slurping spaghetti, and brooding on a porch, he’s very much stepped aside to make way for other characters to shine since the hospital arc. Carol has had much more screen time, Glenn has had more screen time, and we’ve even seen about as much of Tara. I’ll admit there’s been motorcycle and arm porn, but they sure aren’t focusing on him. If anything, I want to see more Daryl.

5. Daryl ain’t dying – Not now, not ever. Unless Norman Reedus wants to be released from his contract, he’s safe. Negan won’t kill him, walkers won’t kill him, and he won’t join The Saviors. He’s not Dwight, and he’s not responsible for the butchering of Tyreese’s character or Abraham’s. He’s a unique character that “took off,” a lovable sidekick like a Hans Solo and identifiable to the series like The Fonz was on Happy Days. (You realize the Fonz was supposed to be a very minor character in the early days of the series, right?) Argue his character, argue he’s run his course, argue he’s useless, but you can’t argue his appear or longevity.

6. Glenn’s dying, I’m just not sure if it’s in the finale or the premiere next year.If Negan doesn’t take him out, Negan will get Abraham. Glenn needs to die to make way for Maggie to grow into the leader we know she will be. I predicted on another site a few weeks ago that if they continue to make Glenn into a leader, push him into the spotlight, and put him in less and less scenes with Maggie that he’s a goner.

7. The Wolves will be a mash-up of the Scavengers and the Whispers. I’m just not sure if they will throw Negan’s group into that mash-up, which will determine how soon he enters the picture.

8. Dale flashback in the finale, and the reappearance of Morgan.

9. Apparently, Noah was a far more loved person in our group than I thought. His death has shook EVERYONE, even more than Beth’s death, or Bob’s, or Tyreese’s. He was mentioned like a zillion times last night. Only Sasha to me has shown true grief over her losses.

10. Carol is psycho. Moreso than Lizzie, who apparently rubbed off on her. Completely off her hinge, and I think more dangerous than Rick, who is exploding publically and therefore is not a surprise to anyone. Carol is sneaky, manipulative, and cunning.


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