‘Salem Towne”

Author’s note: This is my favorite, most personal, and most emotional poem that I’ve ever written. I wrote it after moving to Salem during a particularly turbulent period in my life. I always intended it to be a song, but I know nothing about writing music. I have the melody in my head and have for about 15 years, just waiting for someone to put it down on paper for me….

It’s raining now


in Salem Towne.

The pavement’s wet with rain.

I’m trying to escape a past debt

And tryin’ to chase the pain.

I’m trying to forget a future

That I seem forced to live

I’m giving all

Down in

Salem Towne

To give.

Night’s fallen now


in Salem Towne

It chased away the day.

I’m healing wounds and bearing scars but seeing

Redemption’s far away.

My dreams were killed on the highest alter

In desperate sacrifice.

It was wrong but

Could Salem

Make it right?

You’re laughing now


in Salem Towne

But tears are showing still.

I see the strength that you use to mask your

Complete loss of will.

Your grey blue eyes they tell a story

That some would shun to hear.

Tell your tale


in Salem Towne.

I’m here.

We’re both the same so you needn’t hide it

There’s no need for shame

Just tell your tale

And let me do the same

I understand you

Down in

Salem Towne

Dawn’s arrived

Down in

Salem Towne.

And overcomes the night.

Searching my soul for resolve that’s needed

To begin the fight.

My prayers were said

Till my fingers bled

Upon my rosary

I’m still not saved but can

Salem Towne

Save me?

See me now

Down in

Salem Towne.


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